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Over to Zanzibar (12-1-23)

After a couple of days in Dar Es Salaam, we took the morning ferry over to Zanzibar. Economy class was packed out and the chosen entertainment for the 1 hour journey was a Chinese film about pirates hijacking a ship. China has a big influence in Tanzania at the moment and are constantly building infrastructure here so the attitude towards them seems pretty positive.

After wasting half an hour of my life watching what was practically Chinese military propaganda, I decided to venture out onto the deck, where the wind almost knocked me off my feet.

Once we arrived, we spent the afternoon and evening exploring the narrow, winding labyrinth of streets that make up Stone Town and after a delicious and gigantic meal at the lukmaan restaurant and a couple of drinks at Mercury's bar, I returned to the hostel.

Upon returning to the hostel I found that there was a big game of football going on in the street between my two german roommates and some local kids. The germans were being thoroughly beaten so I joined in on the local side.

After a very sweaty hour of street football, we had drinks on the rooftop of the hostel and watched the lightning striking Dar Es Salaam.

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