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Mzungus on the Dala-Dala (14-1-23)

We started off the day with a Dala-Dala ride to the north of the island, a village called Nungwi. Dala-Dalas are the most common form of public transport here in Zanzibar and we soon found out that there are two different types. The first type is like a regular mini bus, equipped with seats, windows and doors. The second is more of a glorified cattle truck with hard wooden benches, one on each side and a roof so low you have to hunch over while you sit. As it turned out, dala-dala no. 116 was the latter type.

We boarded the bus to uproarious laughter from the locals who could not believe that 3 mzungus had ended up on the tiny bus. Before long we were being told to pose for photos and repeat various swahili sentences, to great hilarity. We made the 1.5 hour drive squashed in like sardines and by the end I couldn't feel my legs.

When we finally got to Nungwi we walked through the village and to the beach, which is lined with ridiculous holiday resorts. After exploring the beach, we helped some local fishermen lift a boat and go a delicious lunch of a mango and a large doughnut thing 1,000 tzs (40c)

Later on in the evening I found a street corner where somebody had set up a TV and was playing the manchester derby. Almost everybody here is a Man Utd fan so there were great celebrations when united scored (and groans of disappointment when Harry Maguire came off the bench)

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