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Mvumi (27-1-23)

Checked out of the hotel at about 11am after visiting what could've been the worst supermarket in the world, it's contents consisted of very little food and a lot of lighter fluid and washing up liquid.

The Dala-Dala to Mvumi was incredibly cramped uncomfortable, especially on the rough dirt road that leads to Mvumi. An experience that I am keen not to repeat.

When I reached Mvumi we got to work shooting a few interviews with some students for a promotional film for the school. Some were very shy but one in particular was excellent.

In the evening we dropped in to see the students 'Fellowship' which was held in the church and consisted of a lot of dancing and singing, some of which was genuinely really good. We managed to escape without doing too much dancing and headed to a bar in Mvumi village for a couple of beers (8Oc each).

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