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Last week Catch up (13-2-23)

I have spent the last week at Mvumi secondary school generally photographing and getting involved a bit in school life. There is not too much to write about from the last week, although the days seemed to slip away very fast.

The week days were spent around the school with my camera taking mostly very boring 'stock' photos for the Mvumi trust website. I did however also get a chance to work on a collection of photos of village life from behind the school fence. When I had around 10 photos in the collection, I put together some discussion groups with some of the students to talk about the photos with some quite interesting results.

Weekends were spent playing football in the Mvumi pitch, games last for up to two hours and end only when the ball pops (which usually happens long before the two hour mark.)

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Rev Venuce in Mtumba, a village with 800 people, 9 churches and 37 choirs and later that evening arrived in Dodoma with a very sore behind after spending most of the day traversing bumpy dirt roads on the luggage rack of a motorcycle.

I am writing this from the comfort of the only café in Dodoma that serves real coffee where I am slowly recovering from my aches, pains and caffeine deprivation.

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