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Last day in Tanzania (16-2-23)

My final day in Tanzania was spent in relative boredom, I had not intended to be stuck in Moshi for as long as I was and as Moshi is a tourist town, any excursion beyond the boundaries of the town streets were going to cost at least $30.

I spent a couple of hours walking the streets of Moshi, during which time a street seller tried to charge me 15,000 (€6) tsh for a bracelet which was essentially just three pieces of wool twisted together.

When I got back to the hostel, I bumped into the manager and offered to do some free promotional photos for him to fill up my afternoon. I took a few photos, made a 20 second video and designed them a logo, something that they were previously missing. I showed them to the manager and he was thrilled with the work, saying 'Rafiki, for these nights you will not pay.' All in all a relatively successful and enjoyable afternoon which saved me enough money to buy 3 strange little bracelets.

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