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Football, Football and More Football (13-1-23)

Another interesting day in Zanzibar. Started off walking around stone town, seeing more of the place and avoiding street sellers with "special good prices".

After a quick trip back to the hostel I set out again to explore the streets of stone town, this time armed with my camera. It didn't take long for me to bump into some local kids playing football in the street and I had no choice but to join in. When the game of football came to an end I continued my wanderings, and before too long was apprehended by another group of football players.

After a cold shower and a change of clothes we went to get something to eat, the famous Zanzibar pizza. It is something of a cross between a pizza and an omelette, various fillings are added to the dough base and an egg is cracked on top. It is all mixed together and fried in front of you. Delicious!

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