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Football (24-2-23)

I arrived at the head start school at around 1:30 pm and with excitement levels already high about going to play football, my arrival almost started a riot. Screaming, leaping about, fistbumping and trying to wear my hat.

When we reached the pitch, we were approached by a very toothless man I would guess in his mid 50s. He showed me that his jumper said 'private security' and rubbed his fingers together expectantly. I told him in no uncertain terms that there would be no money forthcoming but that he spoke very good English. He was so happy to be complimented that he forgot all about the money and prompted language exchange, I taught him some Spanish and he tought me to say inshallah. He then dramatically produced a phone case from his pocket and dialed a number, I answered and we greeted each other. He asked where I was from and then told me that he too was from 'Engrand' He then meandered off, nattering to me over the phonecase, safe in the knowledge that we would stay in touch.

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