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First Day in Nairobi (18-2-23)

My first day in Nairobi was a busy one. After a somewhat relaxed morning of editing photos

and food shopping, we headed to the live recording a popular podcast in Nairobi. Griffins, my mentor in Nairobi, was performing some poetry and, both being photographers we slotted in with the rest of the photographers to document the event.

They were friends of Griffins and all in all there were about seven of them. After temporarily trading my gimbal for a speed light, I set about trying to learn how to use it. It was my first time using an external flash for portraiture but I enjoyed it. (Not a self portrait!!! )->->->

After the podcast recording we headed straight to the Kenya National theatre for a show of poetry and singing. Despite not being a huge fan of poetry, I did find it very enjoyable. More photos from both events available on my portraits page.

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