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Exploring Zanzibar (15-1-23)

Today I hired a scooter to explore a bit more of Zanzibar. My spanish roommate and I rode to the other side of the island to a place named Paje. After traversing the pothole riddles roads to cross the island we found ourselves in a small village where we were swarmed by young kids. They saw the cameras in our hands and ran up wanting their picture taken. The girls were very quiet and polite, waiting their turn, while the boys practically started a riot.

Once all of the rioting, high-fiving and fistbumping was done, we continued trying to find a beach and accidentally arrived at a newly built complex of holiday houses that is due to open next week. We must have looked more affluent than we imagined when we turned up on our clapped out old scooter because we were shown around one of the houses and given a number of phone numbers to call if we fancied purchasing one of the houses.

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