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An unexpected day in Moshi (15-2-23)

My plan to go to Nairobi today was unsuccessful as my kenyan visa wasn't quite sorted in time. As a result I was left with an unexpected day in Moshi and, after an unsuccessful morning of trying to get through to the kenyan immigration people, I headed out to explore the town. I walked around for a bit avoiding street sellers trying to offload their good on me and was at the door of the hostel about to go back inside when I was approached by a very thin and emaciated looking man with a handful of bracelets. He asked me if I would like to buy one and I told him that I did not. He was persistent and said that he was very hungry so in the end I marched him off down the street to get a plate of food.

When I had payed for his food and finally freed myself of him I was approached by another man who said that I needed to learn Swahili. We ended up sitting down and having a two hour Swahili lesson, for which he wanted no money at all.

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