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A (long) introduction to East African bus Journeys (17-1-23)

Another travel day today. This time a 17 hour bus trip down to Mbeya from Dar Es Salaam. After a 5:15 AM start we found ourselves running late for the bus but thankfully found a tuk-tuk driver who was willing to run every single red light and get us there with time to spare.

After that we settled in to our bumpy bus journey which was, thankfully, free of any major excitement. We passed through a national park, and while animals generally stay well away from the main roads, we did spot a few zebra, gazelles, baboons and a lone warthog.

17 hours and 3 passport checks later we finally reached Mbeya and were able to grab a cold Kilimanjaro beer before Richard arrived (after flying) to lecture a shell shocked barman on the great Winston Churchill.

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