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Cyrus grew up a very normal man. by his mid 20s he had a wife and lived much like any other young person in rural Kenya. One day however he suddenly ran from his home to the nearby river and threw himself in. He couldn't swim but by chance the current carried him to the shore. He returned home soaking wet and according to his mother a completely different person. He stopped communicating and became very violent when he was hungry, he would frequently beat his father (who has since died of other causes) and also his mother when he is not fed. His mother described to us how sometimes he comes to the front door and when there is no food available, she has to lock him out for fear of being attacked.

It is assumed that Cyrus has fallen victim to witchcraft, and, as a result, he was never taken to the hospital to be treated. He spends most of his time sitting in his little hut, staring at the floor or the wall.

When his mother brought me to see him, he returned my smile and shook my hand. Although he seemed very disconnected, he seemed to enjoy taking photos and while he didn't smile much when the camera was pointed at him, he chuckled when I showed him his portrait on the back of the camera.

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