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One day … a fire broke out and it used to happen very often and then I heard the women say ‘So and
so children are burned to death’ and … then I found out that … [they] fasten the children to the bed
when they are going … to do the cleaning … in the surrounding high-class family houses … Those
children who perished were physically disabled. It’s something that you can never pretend you
didn’t hear.

I realised that [all] the children’s lives were very complicated, very difficult, they were suffering a lot
[and not just the disabled children]. And I knew that it was going to be a vicious cycle … I realised
that there was a need to start something to help these children, the young ones … babysitting the
children during the day … and I called it Headstart. I was hoping that … gradually the parents would
see the need for education … They saw the need [laughs] … and that became the day care, the
nursery, the primary school and … that is how [Headstart began].

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