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I did my KCPE examination in 2021 and was selected to join [a good] … secondary school [a boarding
school] … far away from home. During the admission I was asked where I am coming from and I
replied … ‘Mathare’ and the staff in charge of admission were shocked. Their response was ‘Mathare
– that place having crazy people?’ …

[As time went by t]he teachers started saying that I was mad, and I remember being injected and
taken to the school dispensary … my poetry teacher from the primary school … [came and w]hat he
told me is that the teachers are saying that I am not normal, hence I need a better check-up away
from the school back in Nairobi Mathare. We went back to Nairobi and after the check-up the
doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me [but] I wasn’t allowed to go back to the school …
for the whole of first term … even after showing them the comments from the doctor … and when I
returned back to school, they still said that [I] am not okay.

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